BNTC School of Nursing and Paramedical Science

Approved by Jharkhand Nursing Council & Government Of Jharkhand
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About BNTC School of Nursing and Paramedical Science

BNTC School of Nursing & Paramedical Science offers proper knowledge and guidance to the nursing students. We prepare them for the best and also guarantee placement to renowned hospitals.

About BNTC School of Nursing and Paramedical Science


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About Jamshedpur


BNTC School Of Nursing is located in Jamshedpur which is the largest populous city in Jharkhand & first planned city in India. It is also the headquater of  of the East Singhbhum district. It is a popular tourist destination known for its forests, ancient temples and royal palaces.


About BNTC School Of Nursing


The primary purpose of this institute is to prepare future nurses to provide patient care services to individuals, families, communities, etc., in various healthcare setups. We aim to provide future nurses with the needed training and education to help them become a critical part of the healthcare sector.

Education and training play a crucial role in preparing students to become better nursing professionals to deliver quality services in their sector. The nursing sector needs resources skilled and trained in their respective fields to understand patients’ needs and help them in their journey to recovery. 

BNTC School of Nursing & Paramedical Science also recognized as the top nursing college in Jharkhand with a range of facilities and benefits that enriches the professional pathway for every nursing aspirant. BNTC comes with advanced education, technology, and infrastructure, mentorship from highly qualified healthcare professionals and their expertise, experience through practical training alongside theoretical excellence, and most importantly 100% placement support with opportunities at renowned medical sectors.

With that, if you’re looking to establish a successful career through a nursing college in Jharkhand, BNTC,  is the finest choice. These top nursing colleges not only promise success but also excels each student, preparing them for greater nursing accomplishments!