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Why is GNM Nursing a good choice for you?

BNTC Students

If you aspire to become a nurse and have cleared 10+2 examinations , GNM Nursing courses would be a great choice for you. Nurses are considered as the heart of healthcare and are treated with great respect in the healthcare industry. BNTC School of Nursing and Paramedical Science is one of the best institutes in Jharkhand. We will open the door for your nursing dreams.

The healthcare sector is in search of good nurses. There’s an unending demand for nurses in India. Taking up nursing as a profession would be a great choice for the students. If you aren’t sure if you should opt for GNM or not, we will assure you why it is a great career option for you. 

In this blog we will cover what are the best career options after GNM, the subject you need to study, its value and more.

What is the value of GNM Nursing?

General Nursing Midwifery or GNM is a diploma program for 3 years. After the program, there’s an internship for 6 months. The GNM Course is of great significance in the healthcare sector. The course aims to train students to work as nurses in hospitals and perform their
duties. It is a demanding career choice and the nurses must possess skills required to become a successful nurse.

After completing the program and the internship period, nurses are placed to recognised hospitals in Kolkata and Jharkhand. You can serve the society at large with this valuable nursing degree.

What is the future of GNM Nursing?

GNM jobs are available for graduates in both private and public sectors. The demand for nurses has increased even more in the past few years and they are offered the most promising job opportunities when it comes to growth, salary and a good workplace environment. GNM graduates can expect to get into better organizations and can demand for handsome salaries. The course can be helpful for those who want to pursue higher education in Nursing.

What is the best option after GNM?

The healthcare sector is filled with various career opportunities for those who ensure a healthy society. General Nursing and Midwifery is a job-oriented program that aims to train nursing aspirants for a secure future.

After completing the GNM Course, there are various career aspects the students can explore and choose from. There are a few clinical areas where the nursing students are placed like :

◉ Medical Surgical Nursing

◉ Community Health Nursing

◉ Midwifery and Gynaecological Nursing

◉ Child Health Nursing

◉ Mental Health Nursing

There are many recruiting organizations looking for GNM graduates. Some of the recruiting organizations include


◉ Government Hospitals

◉ Nursing Homes

◉ Private Hospitals

◉ Dispensaries

◉ Community Health Centres Nursing

◉ NGOs

◉ Nurse Teaching Companies

◉ First-Aid Clinics, etc

Which subject is best for GNM?

GNM Nursing Course or General Nursing and Midwifery is a three and a half year diploma program for nursing aspirants. The course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of nursing. To take admission in the GNM Nursing Course, the students need to meet certain eligibility criteria.

◉ Candidates must have passed 10+2 level (Physics+Biology+Chemistry) from a recognised educational board.

◉ Candidates must have cleared the science subject in their 10+2 education.

◉ Must have an age of 17 years or more.


Physics, Chemistry and Biology are the three science subjects that the candidates must clear in their 10+2 to get admission in GNM Nursing Course. These 3 subjects are extremely vital for the students.

What is the work of GNM Nurses?

As an aspirant completes their GNM Course, there are various career options and work opportunities for GNM Nurses. Some of the major career prospects are :

◉ Midwife Nurse

◉ Clinical Nurse

◉ Emergency Care Nurse

◉ Legal Nursing Consultant

◉ Child Nurse

◉ Mental Health Care

◉ Nursing Educator

◉ Social Worker

◉ Community Nurse

◉ Forensic Nurse

◉ Health Promotion Official

Is GNM equal to a degree?

General Nursing and Midwifery or GNM is a 3 year diploma course followed by a 6 months internship period. It deals with the education of nurses in general healthcare, nursing and midwifery. The minimum eligibility criteria for GNM Course is 10+2 graduate in Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

There’s a great demand for nurses in the healthcare sector and there are enormous employment opportunities for GNM degree holders.